Eradicate Unemployment With Tax Breaks

It always astounds me the amount of people unable to find work no matter how well the economy is performing, there are people who have not been employed for years even during the good times, it seems a shame as they are perfectly fit and able to work and I presume they do want to work! At this moment in time the employment rate is pretty average 5.9% a lot better than a few years ago when it peaked at 10.7 but right now we are talking around 7 million Americans not working.

reduce unemployment

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Better Local Healthcare Options for the Elderly

Healthcare in the USA is now at a record price and there are no signs that it will become more cost effective anytime soon, the USA healthcare system is more complex than ever now we have obamacare added to the mix but it’s a good system if you compare it to other types of healthcare around the world.

American healthcare is a one of the most advanced if not the most leading the way in many fields mainly because of it’s vast funding source and top class facility’s around the country not to mention the well established university’s producing high quality doctors, researches, scientist and nurses year in and year out.

help the agead

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Big Business Funding Smaller Businesses

Small to medium sized businesses have always been and will always be the big businesses of tomorrow you only need to look at the tech industry of the 1970’s – 1980’s with the once tiny start ups Apple and Microsoft, both now huge businesses in their own right providing a wide range of products and services to the entire world and making billions of dollars.

It’s not easy operating a small business in fact it one of the hardest things I have every done I believe it’s a big learning curve for anyone attempting to get an idea off the ground with little or no money but it shouldn’t be this way starting a business should be encouraged by governments not hindered like the reality of starting a small business today.

business funding

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Carpet Steam Cleaners Will Help You Let Go of Harsh Cleaning Agents

Carpet Steam Cleaners Will Help You Let Go of Harsh Cleaning AgentsGiven the damage that we have done to the environment, it is high time for us to make the necessary changes for its survival. We only have one earth and if this is totally damaged, we have nowhere to go. You don’t need to make big moves if you can’t. There are small steps that are easy for you to follow and are proven to be effective. For instance, you can just unplug unused wires to save electricity. You can also help by separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable waste products. Recycling can also be done whenever possible. These are just small efforts, but they can make big changes. This is true especially if everyone else does the same thing.

Imagine if our politicians focus their efforts in helping save the environment and not on bickering and comic fighting. The world would be a much better place to live in. When people in authority can make the necessary changes, everyone else will certainly follow.

Changes at home

Of course, you don’t have to wait for big politicians to tell you what to do. In fact, you can do these changes yourself. You simply have to look into your practices at home and change whenever you can. For instance, when you are fond of using chemicals to clean your house, it is time to stop doing it. They might be effective, but they also have side effects that are harmful to the environment. These chemicals when carried away can cause water pollution or air pollution. If the amount is too high, it could also be detrimental to the society at large. This is why you just have to stop using them altogether.

Let us take a look at carpet cleaning. You might use a lot of chemicals to remove stains and other unwanted items that got stuck in it. Of course, it is not an easy endeavor. When you use chemicals, things become a lot easier and faster. Sadly, when these chemicals are thrown away after use, they can make bigger damages to the environment.

This is why you need to use carpet steam cleaners. They are easy to use. They will also clean your carpets without the need for these chemicals. They also help make the job done faster. You can check out the best carpet steam cleaner buying guide for more information. Once you have made your decision, it is high time to buy the best carpet cleaner. This might just be a small change, but it can do a lot to help save the environment.

Be a part of the change

You don’t want to regret things one day when you realize that it is too late to save the environment. In your lifetime, the worse things might not yet happen. However, you owe a better world to your kids. You don’t want them to live in disgusting world because you have not done your part when you still have the ability to do so. If all of us, including people in authority, hold hands to make these changes, we can definitely do it.

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Vote for Someone Who has a Clear Plan on Saving the Environment

Vote for Someone Who has a Clear Plan on Saving the EnvironmentThe US presidential election might be next year, but debates are already heating up for the primaries. There are also a lot of crucial elections going on around the world right now. This is why you hear politicians talk about how they can be your champion. They will tell you about reforming the tax system, ways of dealing with international policies, saving the economy, or even address various social issues. The problem is that in most instances, no one really speaks about saving the environment. This is not an issue that is deemed as “sexy” to many voters. Hence, no one really lays down a platform solely based on saving the environment. The sad truth is that of all issues that need priority, the environment must top that list. We are facing an extremely crucial point in our lives.

The environment is deteriorating more than ever. The balance in the ecosystem is no longer there. Floods and other natural calamities are happening in various parts of the world, and they are more severe than ever recorded. Droughts also take place in other parts where people don’t have clean drinking water anymore. All these problems suggest that when voting for someone to put into office, we need a person who has deep care for the environment. This must not be a political topic, but sadly it is. There are a lot of politicians who have the interest of big corporations who could only care less about the environment. This is why we even see some of them denying the existence of global warming. We don’t need these people in office. It is high time to put the environment on the spotlight and make it the most pressing issue.

Clear environmental agenda

You need to look for a candidate who has clear measures on how to control big corporations that are relentless in hurting the environment for their own sake. You need to check out the ways on how they will address droughts, floods, and other damages brought about by hurting the environment. They must even have clear endorsements on products that are deemed eco-friendly. Yes, they are supposed to push for a greener lifestyle too. They must have the authority to tell their constituents to also take part in the changes that should be done to help the environment. For instance, they can talk about the best shower head, which is considered as bathroom essentials and how choosing the right one can save water and ultimately help avoid drought. They should also talk about how small ways can have huge effects on the environment.

You are yet to hear a politician who really circles his campaign around environmental protection. This is why upcoming elections are extremely crucial. This effort has to be done on a global scale. With the right people in power, then changes will surely happen. If you want to take part in the change, then browse shower head reviews and find out the best option for your home. Also, take time to study the platform of all candidates before making your decision.

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A Couple of Ideas to Reduce Our Car Dependence

One reality of modern life is our reliance on cars. It is a given that we as human beings need to get around, but as more people populate the earth so do more cars get on the roads. This chart shows how almost every country has more cars per capita than previously as well as more people! This means a geometric rise in the number cars worldwide. With more cars comes a concomitant rise in greenhouse gases, noise and stress. The more cars there are on the roads the more crowded the roads are and naturally, all other things being held equal, there are more accidents creating higher insurance rates and greater financial stress as well. Ontario, Canada is a good example of how things can get out of hand with cheap auto insurance rates being pretty much non-existent in the last few years. So how do we help this situation at the community level? There are several things we can do but for most people the will is still not there to implement them. Here are a couple of ideas:

• Promote Bicycling – Many communities are already doing this but, unfortunately, there is still plenty of bad blood between motorists and cyclists. Safer bike lanes with barriers are a must so that cars and bikes are in effect on different but parallel roads. Less chance for cars and bikes to interact means less chance for mutual aggravation. Less aggravation and danger means bicyclists will feel safer about bicycling and, as a result, more people will adopt it. When there are enough people doing it a kind of critical mass will be reached. At that time, it will be a normal and accepted everyday mode of transport. A kind of equilibrium will be attained where — though there won’t necessarily be mutual love between four-wheel and two-wheel drivers — there will be a kind of grudging acceptance. We can see this in some European cities where bicycles are just a fact of life and the required adjustments have been made.

• Promote Transit – A bus full of people equals forty to fifty fewer cars on the road. Making transit such as subways, buses, and skytrains a good option in many cases means delivering benefits to tempt drivers away from their vehicles as much as possible. One of the factors that influence insurance premiums is how often a car is used. If a driver can reduce her premiums (there are some ways to reduce your insurance premiums listed on this page: through proving that she uses transit, that is a good motivation for getting on a bus. Also, if travel times are actually reduced when using transit — such as with subways and skytrains and even buses in High Occupancy Vehicle lanes — many drivers will opt for a ride home during which they can read or listen to a podcast or just not deal with the stresses of traffic.

As mentioned, though, many of us are just not ready to change. Cars are convenient in so many ways and though not always the smartest choice they are so much more than just transport: think status, for instance. Change will come but probably quite slowly.

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Would Legalizing Marijuana Help the Community?

urlThe legalization of marijuana had been an ongoing issue for the past years. The state of Colorado had already legalized its recreational use. While there are states and countries that have legalized its medical use, the recreational use of this drug is still being debated. Would this really help the community? Legalizing marijuana has its pros and cons. This is something that must be weighed properly before deciding on its legalization.

Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

One of the most widely used drugs is marijuana. It’s now used for the treatment of various medical conditions or their symptoms including seizure and nausea caused by chemotherapy. The benefit to the community for legalizing its recreational use is that it can be taxed; which could fund various projects in the state or local government. It could also create jobs, which would benefit the residents. The price would also go down because it would no longer be in the black market. Instead of dealing with illegal drug pushers, this can be purchased legally, which can also help in minimizing crimes.

Legalizing marijuana also has its possible drawbacks. As a drug, it could change the way your mind thinks. Your job may require that you look into THCDetoxHelp if you use recreationally. Your judgment could be impaired when you’re high, which could result to other unwanted things, including car accidents. It can also be addictive. Although there are not much studies that have been done on the effects of marijuana like addiction; specialists that have been treating long term marijuana users said that it could actually be addictive. Like other drugs that develop dependency, it also has withdrawal symptoms, which could make it difficult for the person using it to stop. Some of these symptoms are anxiety and irritability. Once the drug has caused dependency, it would be difficult for the addicted person to function normally without getting a dose of it and the dosage required to meet the needs of a user gets higher and higher over time.

Another negative effect of legalizing marijuana to the community is that it could serve as a way for users to try other drugs, including prescription drugs. According to a study made, teenagers who are exposed to the use of marijuana, alcohol and smoke are two to three times more likely to start prescription drug abuse. You may have heard about jokes being made on pot users having bad memories. There’s actually truth in it according to a study. This is because it restricts proper blood flow in the vessels of your brain, thus causing memory problems. The said effect could still be experienced even if the user had been sober for a month. Memory problems can have a negative effect in learning at school and at work. It would be more difficult to comprehend or keep up with your tasks if you have poor memory. This could also have a negative effect in the lungs, more serious than smoking.

These pros and cons must be weighed carefully before making a decision. It could help the community in some ways, but it also has negative effects that must be considered.

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Why Divorce Should be More Acceptable in Our Community

Divorce is the nullity of a couple’s marriage and dissolving joint properties to be distributed to each party, equally or otherwise. Divorce in the United States is a very common occurrence, more common than in other countries. Each year about a million children suffer from their parents’ divorce. Although it is a very acceptable norm in the country, still there are instances when divorce has contributed not only to the demise of the nuclear family, but even more so in the discrimination to children with divorced parents and the emotional trauma they suffer later on.

Effects of Divorce on Children

The children of couples who get divorced are the ones who truly get affected by the circumstance. Their emotional, mental and social stability are compromised. In this day and age where bullying and discrimination are prevalent issues not only in the United States but all over the world as well, children suffer from bullying and discrimination from people around them who do not have a clear understanding of what it is like to go through a divorce in the family.

Children of married couples sometimes do not understand the suffering of those who have divorced parents, prompting them to discriminate, resulting in the poor performance of the child in school or at work. Depression in children and teens is another effect of divorce. That is why it is very important for people to comprehend that going through a divorce is hard, and it will not help to make the child or the couple themselves to feel guilty about it. Emotional support should be at the forefront of everything. Legislators should be more vigilant in passing divorce bills that will greatly benefit the children.

The Society as a Shock Absorber

The society, instead of putting divorce in a bad light, should be more accepting towards it so that those who are going through it – couples and children alike – can move forward a lot more easily. Further education and information dissemination regarding divorce and its effects should be spearheaded by schools and the government to get rid of discrimination. Yes, divorce has a really big impact on the home front but it should not be the demise of the family relationship. Contrary to what is shown on Television, letting qualified Divorce lawyers like TexanaReview handle the legal side of it can save a lot of damage to the relationship. Many parents still remain friends despite getting divorced so that they can still show a united front when it comes to their children and their emotional, financial and social needs.

Divorce has been around since time immemorial. All but one country has divorce. In the United States alone, a lot of American couples get divorced each year. Over the years, more and more people get divorced for the slightest reason. Some even nullify their marriages after only days, weeks, or months of being married. Although this is not a good statistic, couples that are stuck in a loveless marriage should always have the option to get divorced when things no longer work between them. Dissolution of joint properties should be done easily so that both parties can move on easily in the new paths they will take after the divorce. It does not have to get messy; it can be settled amicably between couples.

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Hunting: Why It Should Never be Banned in the Community

There are enough people in the population that utilize hunting as a method for gathering food and one biggest reason why it should never be banned in the first place. But of course, arguments can be made of people acquiring food cheaply than making a grocery store purchase. But this isn’t frequently the case. And even if it’s true, parts of rural society would suffer since a ban on hunting would mean taking a huge chunk of their culture.

Here are some reasons why hunting shouldn’t be banned in a community:

1. It represents a form of wildlife management
Hunting should never be banned since it helps prevent overpopulation of animals. Failing to contain the animal population can lead to the spread of disease and a drastic degradation of animal habitat and their ecosystem. There are many great websites talking about hunting, how it’s used for food, wildlife management and more, and you can find the best hunting websites online over at hunter insight

2. It unites people and environment together
One reason why some people are willing to see urbanization take a toll in the environment is because they have no direct connection to the land they’re staying in. A majority of rural communities (and hunters) still care about their open land as well as the water, animals, and greenery living in them. It’s also part of helping preserve the environment for their next generation.

3. It keeps people interested in preserving wildlife population
In the past years, U.S. wildlife population have depleted significantly. A majority of this is blamed on excessive market hunting. But with professional management becoming part of each state’s management system since the turn of century, the animal population has rebounded. Most conservation and monitoring efforts of the wildlife population today are actually coming from hunting organizations.

While these reasons of why hunting shouldn’t be banned in communities would stand on their own, there are still hunters out there who bring shame to the activity by hunting excessively. However, this isn’t entirely the case since industrial and urban aspects have led to polluting the environment.

Similarly, the case shouldn’t be made of unlawful hunters to take complete blame of the demise of hunting. Having a well-managed and regulated hunting system should be enforced as part of the country’s future.

We can thank Wes from for todays information. Thanks Wes!

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New Petition: Repave Park on Lot Avenue

I wanted to write you all a notice about the upcoming community vote regarding the Lot Avenue Park and the plans to repave it.  As you know, we’ve had a few harsh winters the past 3 years and the government has not taken any independent initiative to repave the sidewalks and bike paths that have been pestered by potholes.  Our children are left with uneven ground, adding to the instance of trips and falls, and decrease in annual visitors to the park itself.  I personally visit this park weekly, as both of my children are actively involved in community sports and games are held in Lot Avenue’s particular fields.  It would be a shame to see such a once beautiful park go downhill from neglect.

During one of my daughter’s lacrosse games I noticed a little boy with all necessary safety equipment riding a small bike for children across the way. His his father was with him and they were clearly trying to make the most out of a sunny day by bringing his son to the park.  What was supposed to be a fun, carefree day headed south once the child hit one of the many bumps on the path that was once specifically used for bike riders.  Although the child was not hurt in any major way because he was on a balance bike and he was easily able to hoist himself up with his feet, I could sense the panic on the father’s face.

I walked over to have a chat with the father and it turns out that he has been attempting to teach his son how to ride a two-wheeler, hence the balance bike.  He said that even though Lot Avenue Park is closer to his house, he stopped taking his son there to practice because of how bad the potholes were.  The only reason he decided to take his son out to Lot Avenue this particular day was because he got called into work and wanted to get a quick practice in beforehand.  Apparently, the father knew of a man, an avid cycler, who recently broke his femur because of the potholes in Lot Avenue Park.  I think that fact would turn anyone off to using the bike path.

Being that I do have ties with the government, I brought this attention to our local city councilor and she has decided to bring it to a neighborhood vote, since the cost would adjust the current budget.  If this park gets paved once again to its original glory, it could once again be a place where cyclers felt comfortable to ride and where parents could bring their children’s balance bikes to help them learn.  It could help drive the park’s attendance once again.

The vote will be held at the next city council meeting taking place next month.  I hope all of you find time to schedule in this important community vote.  I also encourage my fellow neighbors to bring their comments and suggestions on community improvement to the monthly city council meetings.  If you don’t speak up, how can the government help serve you?

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How To Build A Dog-Friendly Neighbourhood

In order to establish what is needed to make your neighbourhood more dog-friendly there are three areas to consider.

Dealing with people who don’t love dogs (do they really exist?)

The first of these is the position of those who are not dog or puppy lovers. While we all want our dogs to be accepted everywhere we would like to go, no reasonable owner would want to do so at the discomfort of others. Establishing why others would rather keep dogs out of certain situations might provide solutions to the problem.

For some the issue might be that of dog waste. It’s not pleasant and it’s totally unnecessary. At a basic level the disposal of your dog’s waste in an appropriate way, however unpleasant for you, is far better for everybody else. Arguing for the establishment of dog waste stations in the area, not only reassures non dog lovers that this issue is being taken seriously, but tells dog owners that their pets are welcome.

Approaching local businesses with a plan for allowing them to permit dogs on their premises with minimal inconvenience to their other customers can be another approach. By offering to establish ground rules and by discussing the matter with them it is often possible to identify their concerns and allay their fears.

Changing our own attitude

The second area to consider is our own attitudes and behaviour. It is a wonderful idea that dogs should be accepted into any situation but the fact is not everybody has our devotion to our canine friends, some are actually scared of dogs, so trying to force such people to endure the presence of pets they dislike or fear is not going to encourage dog-friendly relations and will make matters worse by alienating these people even further. Politeness and the willingness to listen and compromise go a long way.

Finally there is the needs of our dogs to consider. What do our dogs need in order to make them feel comfortable in whatever situations we wish to take them. Taking a dog to a place with loud noises or too many people is going to make them nervous and unpredictable.

For your neighbourhood to accept dogs there must be a sense of trust built up between owner, dog and public. We should also be aware of the behaviour of other dog owners who might be less understanding towards others, allowing their dog to foul sidewalks or simply letting their dog run free around the neighbourhood is going to cause friction with all concerned. Where appropriate a quiet word might be in order. Otherwise speaking to the authorities is a harsher solution.

Dogs are members of our families: they are friends, loved ones, children, a whole host of different things to different people. If they are to be accepted more widely in business places and with neighbours it is important, for the dog’s sake, to treat ownership of them as a privilege. As dog owners we would love to be able to take them wherever we go but this will only be achieved by accepting the limitations of those who fear them and by not alienating those whom we would persuade to accept dogs more.

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How To Avoid Polluting Your Local Streams and Marine Life When Power Washing Around the House (and Avoid Getting Fined)

Most people don’t realize that washing your car and letting all the waste water go down your local storm drain is not legal and you can be fined for doing so. How is this possible since 90% of people wash their cars in their driveways? The simple answer is the written law is only enforced if the offender is like a big car wash business and they don’t have a sani-sewer to collect the wastewater. Us at home washing our cars without the proper permit are simply left alone. Think of it as a similar situation to jaywalking – unless you do it on a dangerous with a cop right there watching you you’re okay.

In this post you will learn the actual rules regarding power wash discharge and essentially all the rules regarding letting the wastewater go down the street drain. Keep in mind, that street drain in most areas is a direct line to your local creek or lake. And that creek and lake supports marine life.

What are the rules?

Think about it: if you’re power cleaning your oily dirty concrete driveway and just pushing all that discharge towards the drain you’re also pushing all the oily waste into the storm drain. This is not compliant with the Clean Water Act and enforceable by 5 figure fines. The Clean Water Act is the Environmental Protection Agency rule that deals with water in the USA. It states when and how you are allowed to “pollute” your communities local area. The gist is that you need a permit or that you need to live an area where that street drain first is feed into a sani-sewer that cleans the water before releasing it.

How To Prevent Getting Fined

Like I said the fines are steep and although you never hear about these fines issued to people just for washing their cars out the front of their house they are issued to larger businesses who don’t comply. There have been instances of companies fined upper 5 figures and having to declare bankruptcy just to deal with the fines. But in the end it was their fault for not complying. So how do you comply? How do you avoid getting fined and still keep your car clean? Let’s take a look in the next section.

How To Prevent Water Going Down The Drain When Pressure Cleaning

Option 1: The easiest way to prevent the problem before it occurs is to not let the water go down the storm drain. This is accomplished by sandbagging off the drain and the letting all the water evaporated before vacuuming up the waste solids.
Option 2: A more expensive but less time consuming method is to have a suction hose connected to your pressure washer surface cleaner that sucks the water through the hose to a mini sanitary system on the back of your truck that either cleans the water or just stores it for disposal at the correct location. You find some of the required information on the attachments and other methods at this pressure washer blog.

Option 3: Akin to not letting the wastewater down the drain this method involves making sure all the water discharges to landscaping. So if we’re talking washing your car – wash it on the grass lawn. If we’re talking pressure cleaning your driveway – push all the water to the garden and lawn. The landscaping filters the waste and it never is able to pollute your local waterway.


The Clean Water Act is their to protect your local water sources and marine life. When you pollute these you are damaging your town and so you must abide by the rules. Be a good neighbor and inform your local friends and community of this.

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How Farmer’s Markets Can Help Improve a Community

Farmer’s markets, showcasing their ability to remain self-sufficient, are the foundation to rural communities. Local communities benefit from local farmers since they buy goods from local stores and offer employment, which in turn supports the local community. In this scenario, everybody wins. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been out with my friend suzy (who runs and we have seen many people she knows from the food industry. We’ve seen chefs, sous chefs, and personal chefs shopping for their cooking for the weekor for new ingredients to try in future meals.

Typically within one day of being harvested, produce that are locally made are fresher and taste better compared to chemically-altered foods that have been shipped for an extended period of time. A community can do their part to ensure local farms will remain for the next generation while offering nourishing and abundant food.

Here’s how a farmer’s market today can help improve a community:

  • It financially benefits both farmers and the community

    Nowadays, farmers receive less than the retail food value. When a farmer’s market sell directly to the consumer, no middleman is involved, thus giving more profit for farmers. Farmers then circulate their profits within the community with local merchants. This creates a cycle that aids in building a strong local economy.

  • It reduces the chances of farmers to sell their land for development

    The agriculture landscape will last longer as long as farmers are around. Family-operated farms that have been managed properly value resources offered by healthy soil and clean water. Cover crops are specifically grown to curb erosion, replace lost nutrients, and take in emissions. A plethora of wildlife species are well-suited in the patchwork of farm fields, ponds, and hedgerows. This actually benefits the environment.

  • It ensures fresh, healthier, and better-tasting food

    Latest studies show that fresh produce tend to lose nutrients a lot quickly. Produce that are bought in any local farmer’s market within a day or two offers flavorful and crispy food. Consuming locally-grown food makes your community and family strong. Food shipped for long distances are made for longer shelf life, not for taste.

  • It protects genetic diversity

    There’s very little genetic diversity in grown produce that meet today’s commercial standards. Only variants that can handle long distance, shipping, and long shelf life are picked. Therefore, only a few vegetable and fruit variants can meet such demands. But on the other hand, local farmers can create produce variants, some of which are heirlooms being passed down from one generation to the next due to their good taste.

  • It protects the local environment

    Local food doesn’t require long travel. This is a good thing since it minimizes carbon dioxide emissions and packing materials. Purchasing food from a farmer’s market makes farming more profitable and discourages selling farm land for development.

  • It safeguards the community’s health

    Knowing where the food that you eat comes from and how it’s grown allows you to make safe food choices. For the most part, a farmer’s market is trustworthy since all of the food sold are safe and free from harmful chemicals.

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