Eradicate Unemployment With Tax Breaks

It always astounds me the amount of people unable to find work no matter how well the economy is performing, there are people who have not been employed for years even during the good times, it seems a shame as they are perfectly fit and able to work and I presume they do want to work! At this moment in time the employment rate is pretty average 5.9% a lot better than a few years ago when it peaked at 10.7 but right now we are talking around 7 million Americans not working.

reduce unemployment

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Better Local Healthcare Options for the Elderly

Healthcare in the USA is now at a record price and there are no signs that it will become more cost effective anytime soon, the USA healthcare system is more complex than ever now we have obamacare added to the mix but it’s a good system if you compare it to other types of healthcare around the world.

American healthcare is a one of the most advanced if not the most leading the way in many fields mainly because of it’s vast funding source and top class facility’s around the country not to mention the well established university’s producing high quality doctors, researches, scientist and nurses year in and year out.

help the agead

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Big Business Funding Smaller Businesses

Small to medium sized businesses have always been and will always be the big businesses of tomorrow you only need to look at the tech industry of the 1970’s – 1980’s with the once tiny start ups Apple and Microsoft, both now huge businesses in their own right providing a wide range of products and services to the entire world and making billions of dollars.

It’s not easy operating a small business in fact it one of the hardest things I have every done I believe it’s a big learning curve for anyone attempting to get an idea off the ground with little or no money but it shouldn’t be this way starting a business should be encouraged by governments not hindered like the reality of starting a small business today.

business funding

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Getting a Grip on the GMO Issue: How Should a Community Decide?

gmoThe problem of feeding people and making sure that there’s enough for everyone to afford to buy at a decent rate, is not just a logistics problem. It is a concern that everyone in the community, city, country or state should be able to wrap their heads around. Recently, much debate has been centered on genetically modified food, also known as GMOs.  This group refers to crops and livestock whose genes have been altered or spliced in favor of production.

Natural vs. Enhanced

There is nothing sinister or evil about enhancing the genes of plants and animals. It came about purely because of economics. As the population grew, there were more mouths to feed and governments looked for a way for people to have a steady food supply even during winter, or times or drought. Canning and preserving food was one thing – making sure that there was a steady supply was another. As researchers learned more about the weaknesses of each specie or kind of plant and animal, the more they wanted to know if they could create say corn that was resistant to mold and bacteria; or grains that could be grown inside greenhouses instead of outside. They also wanted larger, more robust crops such as aubergines that grew big enough to make one casserole to feed a family.

The intentions were pure and yet, the road it took to get there was paved with sacrifices. For example, altering the gene pool meant creating a different species of animals – one that did not need to graze on grass. It meant raising chickens in as little as 45 days without them ever having to see the sunlight. The faster growing hens also ate more feeds laden with antibiotics since they did not have their own immunity against pests and viruses.  As we all know, what they eat eventually gets passed on to us in the form of meat and eggs. If they take in steroid and antibiotic-laced feeds, this is in turn, what we eat.

The Battle Continues

The continued consumption of GMOs is starting to take its toll on people. Allergic reactions to food, cancer, and different illnesses all pointed to the genetically-enhanced and modified food that people take in. Some communities have already banned GMOs, but at a high cost. The natural and organic alternatives are way too expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Of course, there are those who can say they are making a wise decision and a pro-active one at that. Those who do have the option choose organic and naturally grown crops and meat. There is an increase in naturally grown chicken, ducks, geese, cows and pigs grown by farmers who do not use steroids and artificial growth enhancers.

People who consume these natural and “clean” food say that they experience no allergies, and do not develop heart or cholesterol problems. If you’re interested to know more about natural foods and better nutrition, read this site.

In the meantime, communities are still torn on whether they should make a political stand against GMOs. Those who want to vote in favor must have the means to support their decision for the long term. It may mean, planting vegetables and raising chickens in their own backyards. The question is, is everyone ready for this?

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The Life of a Journalist: Things People Don’t Really Get to See All the Time

The Life of a Journalist Things People Don't Really Get to See All the TimePeople have lots of different stereotypes of journalists, like we are always on our phones, we love looking around for scoops, we’re always beating deadlines, and we’re suckers for correcting grammar issues – much of that is true. But, things like, journalists are always in formal or semi formal attire and journalists are always very serious people is not particularly true. It does come naturally for us to look sharp, but that doesn’t mean that formal wears are the only pieces of garments in our wardrobe. You’d be surprised what other things you would find in there.

Now, for the always very serious stereotype, well that’s not all that true as well. We do love to laugh a lot, especially when we’re all bummed with the workload. It’s a very common way to dodge the stress of our job. While most of the time you’d see us wearing our serious faces on, there are also plenty of times when we’re just messing around, laughing about a thing or two. We’re humans too (just a reminder, in case you forgot), and with that we also have very complex emotions like every other person has. We’re just so good in not showing them a lot.

Like everybody else, we follow a specific day to day routine. It’s very much expected that we do follow them on the dot. But we sometimes deviate from it when we life gets too boring to bear.

A well-orchestrated routine

Our days start very early. Time is a crucial element we need to keep up with all the time. It doesn’t really matter whether we’re in print, or in the broadcasting industry. This is something that every journalist deals with for the rest of his or her life.

There’s always the need to set up appointments for interviews, to finish the draft on time before the editor would start getting mad, to wait for the editor to okay the draft, to run through the revisions as fast and as efficient as possible, to eat fast, and to maintain that rhythm all throughout the day for the rest of the week.

On days off we just do what everybody else does

Much like everyone, we try to do read about things that interest us like articles that tell us where to find the best crossfit shoes, or who makes the best shoes for crossfit. While you would often see us sporting leather shoes, or pumps, there are several occasions when we’re just in our most comfortable shoes running around covering news.

We also go to the usual recreational places like the mall, the supermarket or the theater. We stand in line in our favorite coffee shop to get freshly crafted drink. We go inside the theater to watch and later critique the film. We binge eat too, most especially when there’s lots of workload and if got ourselves some recognition and like most people we take pictures of our food and then try to make a review of the meal and the restaurant.

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Politics Has Already Damaged Human Relationships Beyond Repair

argueHow far can a politician go just to earn the votes of the people? Back then, it is just about saying something positive to help other people or to boast of his achievements that make him worthy of being a leader. These days, this kind of narrative is no longer enough. We have seen a lot of politicians who rely mainly on fear mongering and bigoted narratives just to earn the support of many people. For instance, the leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has already said statements against almost everyone. From Muslims, immigrants, people with disabilities, women, the LGBT community and the black people, Trump has said outrageous words that could have easily irritated people before. Sadly, this kind of bigoted statement has made him even more popular.

At this point, nothing else that comes out of his mouth will make him go down the polls. Sadly, it is not just Trump with this kind of narrative. Several politicians have turned on fear mongering to reject Syrian refugees who are dying in the open seas and have nowhere to go to. There are also those who deny the existence of climate change just to protect businessmen whose businesses pose great harm to the environment. Whoever comes out as the winner after the US presidential election or any other elections in other parts of the world, only one thing is sure- the human race has been divided more now than ever. We have already allowed these politicians to damage our relationship with one another. We have let them say words that would make us turn against each other.

This is why we must not wonder anymore if there will be another mass shooting or terroristic activity just because people wanted to fight for their ideology. Instead of focusing on how we can make the lives of poorer people better, we are now focused on how to make our own lives better regardless of what happens to other people.

We are better than this

We have gone too far as a human race to eradicate what kept us divided before. We have eliminated slavery and thought of everyone as equals. We have also seen a huge leap in the efforts of the LGBT community seeking for equality around the world. We have seen a lot of countries where there are different religions thriving, but they live peacefully. We have turned our bad views in the past into something better. This website has progressive help for maintaining strong relationships in the face of adversity. We cannot afford to reverse what we have worked for in the past just because of politicians who never really intended to help us. During election time, they will tell everything to please us and win our votes. Sadly, upon winning, they will not fulfill anything that they have previously said.

It is time for us to do something to not let affect our relationship with one another be affected. We have to work positively forward as human beings. We need to make sure that no one is left behind. We have to be selfless and focus on ways for us to be of help to others.

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Hearing About the Protection of Lions Is Satisfying: Do Something to be part of it!

Hearing About the Protection of Lions Is Satisfying Do Something to be part of itRemember Cecil the lion who was shot with a crossbow, chased down for over 40 hours, shot by a gun, and then beheaded as if not to make things worse? Who in the right mind would even do that? Apparently, there are people like him roaming around the planet.

The death of this iconic African lion caused such a media uproar most especially when the person who did the dirty deed admitted to his fault. He said that he wasn’t fully aware that the lion was a famous icon. It so turns out that this American Dentist slash Hunter, Walter J. Palmer is a huge fan of killing off wild animals, taking pictures with them, and skinning, then beheading them to take them as a souvenir items.

Reports say that Palmer paid $50, 000 for hunting a lion legally. In this region of the world they call this amount of money as trophy money and they have different rates for the animal to be hunted. This may come to everyone’s surprise but yes hunting is quite legal around there. In fact dabbling with this issue is so challenging that not a lot of people dare to try. So hearing that the US and the international community are trying to push lots of efforts into fighting for the safety of these endangered species makes me want to celebrate.

I’m happy they’re trying

It does pay for people at least notice the problem and do something about it. These lions might just be animals for most people but we don’t really want to end up just reading about these marvelous beasts. I for one love the wild. It has this unique charm to it, one that intrigues you quite endlessly. It would be such a shame if the next generation won’t see them in real life. Lions would just end up like myths or make believe if measures are not taken.

It’s never late to do something about it

That much is true, if we want things to change, we can change it. It’s just a matter of initiation. Just like how I started with my own crusade towards a healthier life. I have researched tons of stuff about improving one’s health with diet, and juicing. I have been browsing through all the health magazines I could come across with, reading recipes and products that would help me achieve my goal. I even went on reading how to buy the best juicer, how to buy organic products, how to buy sodium free products,  juicer reviews of top brands, product review of food products and more.

While it’s much more appropriate to start changing early, doing something really good to change something is one thing you should never miss out on. Take part and contribute for a better future, no matter how small your contribution might be, this could inspire others to do the same as you did and maybe do even more.

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Pediatrician Advises Parents of a Simple Way to Hush a Crying Baby

Pediatrician Advises Parents of a Simple Way to Hush a Crying BabyNews broke out last December 2 about this pediatrician from Santa Monica, California who taught lots of parents a very simple way to handle their crying babies. Dr. Robert Hamilton definitely made every parent feel more assured now that they don’t need to be so worried when they can’t make their babies stop crying. Now parents have more chance to sleep peacefully.

He taught his simple technique which he called “The Hold”. In a video, he demonstrated how to position the child’s arm across each other, and how to firmly hold the child on their butt and how to carefully rock them back and forth. He told everybody that he eventually came up with this technique from all his experience with kids especially with his grandchildren. The video shows different crying babies being held by Dr. Hamilton and hushed in a snap of his finger.

This helps parents get off one problem off the plate

I have lots of friends who have kids and they always complain about all sorts of stuff like the expenses, knowing what things to buy, and knowing what to do when all hell breaks loose inside the house.  Things start to level up when the kids start walking and talking and don’t even get me started about telling them what to do. Don’t get me wrong, having kids is not that bad, it could actually turn your world around in ways you would never imagine but it can also be such a daunting task, a really very challenging task.  

One of my friends is expecting to have their first babies soon. They are going to have twins by January and they have started to research about things like this site for the best double strollers, another site for twin baby cribs. They also research double stroller reviews and twin cribs reviews just to make sure they get the right ones. They even started buying those walkie-talkies they would put on the rooms, pair of baby clothes, cribs, baby bottles, toys, comforters, teethers, and more.

They’re also in the process of mentally preparing themselves for what would happen next after the delivery. They say that while they’d have double the bundle of joy, they’d also be having double the responsibility, including pacifying them when they start crying in sync.

Thanks to Dr. Hamilton, they would worry less about the crying and more on the other things like the vaccines, baby vitamins, milk formula and diaper and how to raise their twins into beautiful individuals.

It’s a total lifesaver for everybody

I know quite a handful of people who cry at the same time when their kids start wailing. Some couldn’t even sleep because they’re paranoid about when the baby would start crying. Not everybody is great at raising kids, especially for the newbies. It takes quite time for the parenting instinct to finally sink, so hearing a news like this is really quite a breather for everybody. You would just need to watch the video and do the drill properly.


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Even the best carry-on luggage will have to shrink

On the 9th of June the IATA published a in a statement that they recommend that the standard size of carry-on luggage should shrink. It was something that people weren’t prepared for and it took them by surprise. I guess they better did a survey upfront because they clearly underestimated the commotion this would result in.

What does it entail exactly?

It means that even the best carry-on luggage wouldn’t be labeled as a carry-on bag anymore.

In the past, there were no real guidelines and every airline had its own acceptable sizes for carry-ons. That is why the IATA decided to put limits in place.

The new size limits for carry-ons are 55 x 35 x 20 cm (or 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches)

These bags would be labeled as cabin OK bags. So you will know that it is in accordance with the size guidelines if it has the IATA Cabin OK logo.

The reason for these new measurements is that the overhead compartments are getting too full. But it’s also a clever way to increase the luggage fees for airlines.

How did people react?

As mentioned above people weren’t too happy about it. This would mean that most of the current carry-on luggage wouldn’t be allowed as a carry-on bag on your flight. People would have to buy new carry-ons and of course, you get disgruntled people this way. Certainly if someone recently bought a new carry-on bag this was a financial punch in the face. A carry-on that isn’t allowed as carry-on how stupid is that?

We all know that manufacturers were very happy with these new guidelines because it means extra revenue for them. On the other hand, it does mean that their current stock of bags would become worthless as carry-ons. So it’s not all that positive for them. Also, the production specifications would need to change so bags would be in line with the new regulations. A lot of things would have to change that would cost a lot of money.

Neither the travelers nor the manufacturers were happy about these new recommendations from the IATA.

What did politicians say about it?

It didn’t take long before politicians began to mingle in the debate. It seems that last year American carriers made over 3,5 billion in revenue from luggage fees alone. Cutting the size of allowable carry-ons would only benefit airline carriers. One of the main adversaries is senator Bob Menendez. He’s totally against the IATA proposal to cut down on the size of carry-ons.


So far it’s only a recommendation and because of public protest, the IATA hasn’t forced us to accept these new carry-on luggage sizes. I think we all agree that there has to be a maximum size but limiting it far below the current normal size of a carry-on just isn’t acceptable for people. I think an agreement won’t be reached soon unless a change in the maximum size is proposed. But hypothetically if this will be the new standard there are 2 options: check your old carry-ons which would cost an average family around 200$ or buy new bags which would cost roughly 400$. Luckily we are not that far yet and we’ll see what the future brings.

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Carpet Steam Cleaners Will Help You Let Go of Harsh Cleaning Agents

Carpet Steam Cleaners Will Help You Let Go of Harsh Cleaning AgentsGiven the damage that we have done to the environment, it is high time for us to make the necessary changes for its survival. We only have one earth and if this is totally damaged, we have nowhere to go. You don’t need to make big moves if you can’t. There are small steps that are easy for you to follow and are proven to be effective. For instance, you can just unplug unused wires to save electricity. You can also help by separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable waste products. Recycling can also be done whenever possible. These are just small efforts, but they can make big changes. This is true especially if everyone else does the same thing.

Imagine if our politicians focus their efforts in helping save the environment and not on bickering and comic fighting. The world would be a much better place to live in. When people in authority can make the necessary changes, everyone else will certainly follow.

Changes at home

Of course, you don’t have to wait for big politicians to tell you what to do. In fact, you can do these changes yourself. You simply have to look into your practices at home and change whenever you can. For instance, when you are fond of using chemicals to clean your house, it is time to stop doing it. They might be effective, but they also have side effects that are harmful to the environment. These chemicals when carried away can cause water pollution or air pollution. If the amount is too high, it could also be detrimental to the society at large. This is why you just have to stop using them altogether.

Let us take a look at carpet cleaning. You might use a lot of chemicals to remove stains and other unwanted items that got stuck in it. Of course, it is not an easy endeavor. When you use chemicals, things become a lot easier and faster. Sadly, when these chemicals are thrown away after use, they can make bigger damages to the environment.

This is why you need to use carpet steam cleaners. They are easy to use. They will also clean your carpets without the need for these chemicals. They also help make the job done faster. You can check out the best carpet steam cleaner buying guide for more information. Once you have made your decision, it is high time to buy the best carpet cleaner. This might just be a small change, but it can do a lot to help save the environment.

Be a part of the change

You don’t want to regret things one day when you realize that it is too late to save the environment. In your lifetime, the worse things might not yet happen. However, you owe a better world to your kids. You don’t want them to live in disgusting world because you have not done your part when you still have the ability to do so. If all of us, including people in authority, hold hands to make these changes, we can definitely do it.

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Vote for Someone Who has a Clear Plan on Saving the Environment

Vote for Someone Who has a Clear Plan on Saving the EnvironmentThe US presidential election might be next year, but debates are already heating up for the primaries. There are also a lot of crucial elections going on around the world right now. This is why you hear politicians talk about how they can be your champion. They will tell you about reforming the tax system, ways of dealing with international policies, saving the economy, or even address various social issues. The problem is that in most instances, no one really speaks about saving the environment. This is not an issue that is deemed as “sexy” to many voters. Hence, no one really lays down a platform solely based on saving the environment. The sad truth is that of all issues that need priority, the environment must top that list. We are facing an extremely crucial point in our lives.

The environment is deteriorating more than ever. The balance in the ecosystem is no longer there. Floods and other natural calamities are happening in various parts of the world, and they are more severe than ever recorded. Droughts also take place in other parts where people don’t have clean drinking water anymore. All these problems suggest that when voting for someone to put into office, we need a person who has deep care for the environment. This must not be a political topic, but sadly it is. There are a lot of politicians who have the interest of big corporations who could only care less about the environment. This is why we even see some of them denying the existence of global warming. We don’t need these people in office. It is high time to put the environment on the spotlight and make it the most pressing issue.

Clear environmental agenda

You need to look for a candidate who has clear measures on how to control big corporations that are relentless in hurting the environment for their own sake. You need to check out the ways on how they will address droughts, floods, and other damages brought about by hurting the environment. They must even have clear endorsements on products that are deemed eco-friendly. Yes, they are supposed to push for a greener lifestyle too. They must have the authority to tell their constituents to also take part in the changes that should be done to help the environment. For instance, they can talk about the best shower head, which is considered as bathroom essentials and how choosing the right one can save water and ultimately help avoid drought. They should also talk about how small ways can have huge effects on the environment.

You are yet to hear a politician who really circles his campaign around environmental protection. This is why upcoming elections are extremely crucial. This effort has to be done on a global scale. With the right people in power, then changes will surely happen. If you want to take part in the change, then browse shower head reviews and find out the best option for your home. Also, take time to study the platform of all candidates before making your decision.

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A Couple of Ideas to Reduce Our Car Dependence

One reality of modern life is our reliance on cars. It is a given that we as human beings need to get around, but as more people populate the earth so do more cars get on the roads. This chart shows how almost every country has more cars per capita than previously as well as more people! This means a geometric rise in the number cars worldwide. With more cars comes a concomitant rise in greenhouse gases, noise and stress. The more cars there are on the roads the more crowded the roads are and naturally, all other things being held equal, there are more accidents creating higher insurance rates and greater financial stress as well. Ontario, Canada is a good example of how things can get out of hand with cheap auto insurance rates being pretty much non-existent in the last few years. So how do we help this situation at the community level? There are several things we can do but for most people the will is still not there to implement them. Here are a couple of ideas:

• Promote Bicycling – Many communities are already doing this but, unfortunately, there is still plenty of bad blood between motorists and cyclists. Safer bike lanes with barriers are a must so that cars and bikes are in effect on different but parallel roads. Less chance for cars and bikes to interact means less chance for mutual aggravation. Less aggravation and danger means bicyclists will feel safer about bicycling and, as a result, more people will adopt it. When there are enough people doing it a kind of critical mass will be reached. At that time, it will be a normal and accepted everyday mode of transport. A kind of equilibrium will be attained where — though there won’t necessarily be mutual love between four-wheel and two-wheel drivers — there will be a kind of grudging acceptance. We can see this in some European cities where bicycles are just a fact of life and the required adjustments have been made.

• Promote Transit – A bus full of people equals forty to fifty fewer cars on the road. Making transit such as subways, buses, and skytrains a good option in many cases means delivering benefits to tempt drivers away from their vehicles as much as possible. One of the factors that influence insurance premiums is how often a car is used. If a driver can reduce her premiums (there are some ways to reduce your insurance premiums listed on this page: through proving that she uses transit, that is a good motivation for getting on a bus. Also, if travel times are actually reduced when using transit — such as with subways and skytrains and even buses in High Occupancy Vehicle lanes — many drivers will opt for a ride home during which they can read or listen to a podcast or just not deal with the stresses of traffic.

As mentioned, though, many of us are just not ready to change. Cars are convenient in so many ways and though not always the smartest choice they are so much more than just transport: think status, for instance. Change will come but probably quite slowly.

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Would Legalizing Marijuana Help the Community?

urlThe legalization of marijuana had been an ongoing issue for the past years. The state of Colorado had already legalized its recreational use. While there are states and countries that have legalized its medical use, the recreational use of this drug is still being debated. Would this really help the community? Legalizing marijuana has its pros and cons. This is something that must be weighed properly before deciding on its legalization.

Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

One of the most widely used drugs is marijuana. It’s now used for the treatment of various medical conditions or their symptoms including seizure and nausea caused by chemotherapy. The benefit to the community for legalizing its recreational use is that it can be taxed; which could fund various projects in the state or local government. It could also create jobs, which would benefit the residents. The price would also go down because it would no longer be in the black market. Instead of dealing with illegal drug pushers, this can be purchased legally, which can also help in minimizing crimes.

Legalizing marijuana also has its possible drawbacks. As a drug, it could change the way your mind thinks. Your job may require that you look into THCDetoxHelp if you use recreationally. Your judgment could be impaired when you’re high, which could result to other unwanted things, including car accidents. It can also be addictive. Although there are not much studies that have been done on the effects of marijuana like addiction; specialists that have been treating long term marijuana users said that it could actually be addictive. Like other drugs that develop dependency, it also has withdrawal symptoms, which could make it difficult for the person using it to stop. Some of these symptoms are anxiety and irritability. Once the drug has caused dependency, it would be difficult for the addicted person to function normally without getting a dose of it and the dosage required to meet the needs of a user gets higher and higher over time.

Another negative effect of legalizing marijuana to the community is that it could serve as a way for users to try other drugs, including prescription drugs. According to a study made, teenagers who are exposed to the use of marijuana, alcohol and smoke are two to three times more likely to start prescription drug abuse. You may have heard about jokes being made on pot users having bad memories. There’s actually truth in it according to a study. This is because it restricts proper blood flow in the vessels of your brain, thus causing memory problems. The said effect could still be experienced even if the user had been sober for a month. Memory problems can have a negative effect in learning at school and at work. It would be more difficult to comprehend or keep up with your tasks if you have poor memory. This could also have a negative effect in the lungs, more serious than smoking.

These pros and cons must be weighed carefully before making a decision. It could help the community in some ways, but it also has negative effects that must be considered.

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